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. . . 1/2 the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in that city. Not just for those seeking roommates on this site, the city's average. While sharing a 2-bedroom apartment is obviously not the only possible roommate situation, it is the most common and a good general average.

Luxury accommodations, a central location, and/or a trendy neighborhood will tend to cost more.

If you find a housing share with 4 or more roommates, expect the rent to be a little less. However, larger homes or apartments with 4 or more bedrooms occupied only by renting roommates are not that common.

If you can't pay at least the average, you'll probably need more time, because you won't have as many options as someone willing to pay the going rate. You should also expect a less central location and fewer amenities. Similarly, if you have the place to share and plan to charge more, you should expect it will take longer to find someone willing to pay that.

regarding your city's average roommate rent . . .

. . . we've had some exclaiming, "But you see, my place is really worth a lot more because it's better/safer/larger/more beautiful/has so many amenities! So I should charge a LOT more than average!"

We're certainly not saying you CAN'T do that. You can certainly TRY to charge as much as you like.

However, no matter how nice your place is, most room seekers still want to save money, not spend as much as possible.

What you're offering is actually "worth" in the minds of most is what your local roommate market will bear, or what you can get someone to pay to live there. For most, this won't be much more than average.

If you think your place is extremely nice, many roommate seekers will probably agree! This may mean you can charge a BIT more than average, and you'll probably get your "pick" of roommates.

However, if you're trying to charge a LOT more than the going rate for half a 2-bedroom share, most will automatically rule you out, will never be matched with you, and will stick to possibilities that are more typical price-wise, and more budget-friendly.

On average, more rent = more time. Less rent = more folks will be interested = less time.

If you're looking for help paying a very large mortgage, you'd more easily find eager roommates if you rented more than one room in your home, then charged each roommate less.

If you're someone who is offering part of a rental to share that may be overpriced, you may want to consider moving as well as sharing your current abode. (You could have profiles active for both situations, and just end up living wherever sounds most appealing.)