Actual humans review all roommate profiles.
Anyone raising our scam, spam, or scum red flags will be immediately eliminated, before they get to you.

Avoid a Horde of Total Nitwits

Quickly determine who is worth it with Roommate Behavior Ratings.

IP Address Actual Location

Know where potential roommates actually are, not just where they said they were.

Human Moderated

No scumbags allowed! We take out the trash for you.

fend off scammers

Scammers specifically targeting roommate searchers are increasingly common.

Our human reviewers use their actual eyeballs and organic brains to review all roommate submissions.

MANY get tossed in the trash.

We don't rely on our subscribers as our only reviewers, waiting to see what trash they report after wading through it themselves.

We take out the trash FOR our subscribers.

We collect a lot of data, not just our actual questions, but also information from the submitter's computer and location which can only be accessed by site owners. We also do an IP Address Actual Location Analysis for all subscribers, and share the city in which potential roommates are truly located.

Unlike most ways you could find a roommate, we are paying attention to this information, and actually making use of it to decide which roommate profiles are worth accepting and which are probable scams.

sidestep the scumbags

In addition to weeding out roommate scammers, our human reviewers screen all new roommate profiles for other scumbags.

This is, obviously, if you're well-intentioned, a ROOMMATE service.

Not a place to look for dates or confront any other "adult" content.

Anyone trying to sneak in something shady is way too sleazy for us, and we delete them.

avoid total nitwits

You can quickly determine which potential roommates are worth your time with our required questions, along with our Roommate Behavior Ratings.

We also delete anyone that sounds insincere, completely offbase, or just completely insane, BEFORE they'd see any current subscriber's profile.

keep it fresh

We require a valid email address to start roommate matching, then stay in touch, deleting those who say they no longer need to find a roommate.

We also check in every few weeks, requiring a response to remain active.

Other roommate services allow online-only profiles, or leave people up for multiple months, never bothering to check who still needs to find a roommate.

Our roommate profiles are as current as humanly possible, making it less likely you will waste your time trying to get in touch with anyone already finished roommate matching.

say no to spambots

Spambots can't hack, crack, or otherwise scoop up your personal info, because we never publish it out on the open internet.

save your time

Do you want finding a roommate to be your new part-time job?


You won't squander your free time via tedious database searching, endless bulletin-board browsing, or time-consuming site wading.

You don't have to surf our site endlessly to find new roommate matches; we'll just email you.

No extra busywork.

spare your email account

You won’t end up subscribed to advertising for anything else - you’ll hear from us regarding your roommate search, not ever for any other reason.

Your information will not be shared, sold, or rented to anyone outside this roommate service.

Not even any “partner” offers or anything of that nature.

All information is only used for the purpose of roommate matching via this roommate service.

We are all about roommates.

Nothing else. Ever. Not even a little bit.

subscription options

FREE Roommate Search

You sit back and wait for potential roommates to contact you.

Since anyone contacting you will have access to your Roommate Behavior Ratings, they should be good roommate matches.

However, the only subscribers that will be able to contact you will be Cheap Roommate Searchers (other Free Roommate Searchers won't have access to your contact info).

You stay in this category unless you choose Cheap Roommate Search.

You can switch to Cheap Roommate Search now, anytime in the future, or never.

CHEAP Roommate Search

You're in charge!

Your search will go faster and better, because you can contact the roommates YOU choose right away.

You'll get first crack at the best people, giving you an advantage over those who choose to review their matches first or those within Free Roommate Search.

You get the contact info for ALL your roommate matches, so you’re in charge of who to contact and when.

You can easily identify yourself when you contact those members who are still Free Roommate Searchers.

You pay 19.95, good for up to an ENTIRE YEAR.

There will never be any auto-rebilling or auto-recharging.

While most subscribers find a roommate more quickly, this means that if you upgrade, find a roommate, then for whatever reason need another within 12 months, you can be upgraded again for free.

Your match email will ALSO contain all YOUR answers to ALL the questions, along with the customized comparisons, making it very easy to contact whomever you like.

You just forward it along to your roommate choice as your detailed introduction, complete with pair compatibility already outlined.