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Your search will go faster and better, because you can contact the roommates you choose right away.

You get the contact info for all your roommate matches, so you are in charge of who to contact and when. You can easily identify yourself when you contact those members who are still Free Roommate Searchers.

You pay $19.95, good for up to an entire year.

There will never be any auto-rebilling or auto-recharging. While most subscribers find a roommate more quickly, this means that if you upgrade, find a roommate, then for whatever reason need another within 12 months, you can be upgraded again for free.

Your match email will also contain all your answers to all the questions, along with the customized comparisons, making it very easy to contact whomever you like. You just forward it along to your roommate choice as your detailed introduction, complete with compatibility already outlined.

PAYMENT METHODS: We can't comprehensively list all payment methods available to all subscribers here because some will have additional payment options that required preconfiguration in their browsers. Also, some payment methods aren't available to all geographic areas. But generally, most will see most mainstream credit cards no matter where they are, plus either Apple Pay and/or Google Pay and/or Link if those were already set up for you in advance on your current device.

PAYMENT BY SNAIL MAIL/money order: Is possible, but we do not recommend due to unreliability and extreme slowness.

If you do not see a payment method listed after clicking the upgrade button above, we cannot accept it at this time.