Activating your Profile

You should now have one more email from us with subject line: Your profile is under review.

IF THAT IS NOT IN YOUR INBOX, please immediately check your "spam" or "junk" or "bulk" folder, and mark that email as NOT spam.

If you fail to do that, your time here will have been wasted.

We also strongly recommend telling your email provider to accept all email from:

Your email provider may call that a variety of things, such as: Contacts, Safe Sender List, Custom Sender List, Allowed Sender List, Address Book, Friends List, Buddy List, Whitelisting, etc. You would add to whatever that list is called, or else, you'll probably miss out on some roommate possibilities.

After your profile is reviewed and if it is accepted, we'll send another email entitled: Your profile was accepted!

(You'll need to get that one too.)***

Our review process

We are not 100% automated. Actual humans review all new profiles BEFORE inflicting them upon any current subscriber. MANY get tossed.

No SCAMS, no SPAMS, no SCUMS. WE take out the trash FOR you.

Whose profiles get tossed in the trash?

  • anyone raising our SCAM, SPAM, and/or SCUM red flags
  • anyone sounding insincere, completely offbase, or just completely insane
  • anyone refusing to provide requested information in their freetext

We don't rely on our subscribers as our only reviewers, waiting to see what trash they report AFTER wading through it themselves.

We take out the trash FOR you.

Your personal info - We NEVER publish it on the internet

We keep your personal info OFF the open internet.

This is much better for legitimate roommate searchers.

It's NOT what all the roommate scammers, spammers, and scumbags out there would LIKE us to do.

But it IS best for legitimate roommate searchers who also value their privacy.

Publishing your personal info and contact details out on the open internet is a BAD thing, at least, for those that understand the implications. Spammers and scammers could scoop up your details and do anything they wanted with them, as is the case many ways one could roommate search.

We know many people enjoy having their personal info splatted all over the internet. If you do, that's your prerogative, and we're sure you'll find many ways to do just that.

We just don't think it should be a requirement just to find a roommate.

Keeping our subscribers' info OFFline and ONLY sharing it with accepted subscribers via private email vastly minimizes the probability that your personal details will end up in the hands of anyone other than another sincere roommate searcher.

This also means everything comes via email. No need to repeatedly revisit the site or do any extra busywork involving "searching" or "logging in" or anything like that.

Accepted subscribers simply read their own email at their own email accounts. That's all you'll have to do, no extra work on the site.

FREE Roommate Search

You sit back and wait for potential roommates to contact you.

Since anyone contacting you will have access to your Roommate Behavior Ratings, they should be good roommate matches.

However, the only subscribers that will be able to contact you will be Cheap Roommate Searchers (other Free Roommate Searchers won't have access to your contact info).

You stay in this category unless you choose Cheap Roommate Search.

You can switch to Cheap Roommate Search now, anytime in the future, or never.

CHEAP Roommate Search

You're in charge!

Your search will go faster and better, because you can contact the roommates YOU choose right away.

You'll get first crack at the best people, giving you an advantage over those who choose to review their matches first or those within Free Roommate Search.

You get the contact info for ALL your roommate matches, so you’re in charge of who to contact and when.

You can easily identify yourself when you contact those members who are still Free Roommate Searchers.

You pay 19.95, good for up to an ENTIRE YEAR.

There will never be any auto-rebilling or auto-recharging.

While most subscribers find a roommate more quickly, this means that if you upgrade, find a roommate, then for whatever reason need another within 12 months, you can be upgraded again for free.

Your match email will ALSO contain all YOUR answers to ALL the questions, along with the customized comparisons, making it very easy to contact whomever you like.

You just forward it along to your roommate choice as your detailed introduction, complete with pair compatibility already outlined.

If you'd like to upgrade to CHEAP Roommate Search membership now, click here.

Otherwise, just stay tuned! Thanks!

(***If you never received any email from us . . . )

If the email address you entered was NOT valid and/or NOT typed correctly and/or did NOT have space available, then you won't have your email from us, and your profile will NOT be reviewed. Sorry about that, but you can't say we didn't warn you!

(Again, you do have to be able to correctly type a valid email address that can receive email in order to subscribe.)

If you didn't manage that and want to try again with a better/more carefully typed email address, please feel free. We also recommend whitelisting our email address in advance to make sure you don't miss anything.