add your resource is currently looking for meaningful linkage partners, for mutual traffic building, awareness generating, and site enhancement.

This is NOT an automated process.

Meaning, a failure to read and follow the instructions below will NOT result in your site added anyway, but your request ignored.

(We do apologize if the preceding sounded rude, and if you do have a legitimate website, we ARE glad you're here. However, we also receive a lot of spam from a lot of idiots. If you do have a legitimate website, you probably do understand.)

We previously:

1.  had a more traditional webform here to collect information
2.  would consider adding a link before the link submitter had added our link to their site

Due to massive spam / way too many requests from unqualified sites, we had to quit that.

We would like to consider you as a linkage partner IF:

Your site could conceivably interest someone looking for a roommate in either the United States or Canada. That is a very broad demographic, but if for some reason your site doesn't serve it (like, if your site is mostly for children, or has no version in English), then we wouldn't be interested.

Your website has major search engine placement, does advertising and/or already has high traffic. We do, we think you should too.

No "adult" content. We will not endorse anything X-rated here. That includes ads on the site as well as the site's own content.

No affiliate nonsense. We will not list sites that offer products/services marketed through an affiliate UNLESS there is significant unique content on the site. You know who you are. Please don't bother.

Along the lines of FOUR, please don't bother submitting if your site immediately confronts the surfer with an annoying bevy of popup ads, popunder ads and/or advertisements for 75 other sites on the index page. If you don't have enough confidence in the content and/or service you provide that someone would want to just stay with that for a couple of minutes, we probably won't either.

We require a link exchange to list your site. Meaning, if your site is appropriate we'll be more than happy to list it on our "resources" page (which is accessible within one click from our index page), but only if you list ours FIRST.

The page upon which you list ours FIRST must be:

1.  accessible from your true index page. By index page we mean your TRUE index page, not one created just for this.
(This really shouldn't require explaining, but we've had some 'spammy' submissions along these lines so we're clarifying now.) For instance, the index page for this site is:

NOT some duplicate of the page with extra links and coding added to look like our index page, but actually just be a duplicate doorway/dummy to fool others into thinking we're linking to them from our main page.
We won't attempt to deceive you with bull**** nonsense, please return the favor.

2.  accessible from your true index page within no more than 3 clicks from that page. Meaning, no pages buried too deeply within the site for search engines to find them, and no "island" pages that aren't accessible at all from your true index page.
3.  not behind some sort of "wall" that would prevent a search engine from accessing it
4.  not have more than 30 outgoing links on it already - If you've got that many links on one page, you need to split them up.
5.  you need to be willing to leave the link up indefinitely - or for an agreed upon time. We will be checking. Please don't agree to place a link to us on your site then remove it after some brief period, we will be checking.

The link would need to be to our index page:

and our preferred description is as follows:
Find a roommate with Roommate Behavior Ratings. Free Roommate Search/Cheap Roommate Search. Detailed roommate matching profiles with lifestyle and personality factors. US and Canada. WE take out the trash FOR you.


The preceding guidelines are an excellent start in determining if your site will be considered appropriate, but we still reserve the right to make our own decisions based on our own taste about what is appropriate.

If any of the preceding is unacceptable to you and/or if you aren't really willing to go along with our guidelines, please don't bother.

But if you are, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please send an email to:
Please title that email, "Requested Link Exchange."

1.  Title of your site
2.  URL of your site
3.  URL on YOUR site where our index page is ALREADY listed, as per the guidelines above
4.  Your preferred site description (please keep this brief and hyperbole-free)
5.  Anything else you think we'd like to know?

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